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Updated 2014 June 21

I am in charge of LAN gaming for the annual SF convention in Tucson, Arizona: TusCon.
For more information about LAN gaming at TusCon, see my Computers and Computer Gaming page.

I was the winner of the Georgia Fandom Award presented at DragonCon, June 27, 1997.

I directed the Space/Science Track for the 2000 DragonCon .
I was the Director of Space/Science Track of programming at the 1999 DragonCon.
I was the Director of Space/Science Track of programming at the 1998 and 1997 DragonCons.
I was also the Director of Space/Science Track of programming at the 1996 DragonCon.
The linked documents, above, are reports about this programming track.

On July 26, 2003, I took some photos of the computer gaming area at HexaCon13 in Phoenix, Arizona. To see them CLICK HERE.

My dear friend and fellow Fan, Joe Mayhew, passed away at 9AM on Saturday, June 11, 2000. Joe had been a Fan for most of his life, and had been active in the Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA) since about 1960. He was also active in the Baltimore Science Fiction society (BSFS, their "BSFS News" page has more info). He had been involved with the operation and organization of the annual DC convention, Disclave, for many years, including serving as Chairman several times. He was a noted fan artist, receiving the Hugo Award for best fan artist at Bucconeer, the 1998 World Science Fiction Convention in Baltimore. I first met Joe at my first WSFS meeting in 1975. We became fast friends, and regular companions, until my career took me to Atlanta in 1978. Since then, I saw Joe mainly at conventions. Most memorable was sitting next to Joe when his name was announced at the Hugo Awards in 1998.

Although there is some uncertainty as to the diagnosis of the disease that took him, the latest indications are that it was CJD:
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation, Inc.
Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page
BSE Information at UIUC

More information about Joe Mayhew may be found at Evan's Home Page.

06/14/00, From The Washington Post :

Tuesday, June 13, 2000; Page B05 
Joseph T. Mayhew
Library Employee, Cartoonist
Joseph T. Mayhew, 57, a retired Library of Congress employee and an 
award-winning science fiction cartoonist, died of complications from 
encephalitis June 10 at the Washington Hospice. He had diabetes.
Mr. Mayhew worked at the library from the late 1960s until retiring 
in the early 1990s from the Spanish acquisitions department. He 
also recommended science fiction works to the library.
He did illustrations and wrote stories for science fiction magazines, 
including Absolute Magnitude, and received a Hugo Award last year 
for his drawings. The Hugo, sponsored by the World Science Fiction 
Society, is also known as the Science Fiction Achievement Award 
and is among the field's highest prizes.
Some of his science fiction book reviews appeared in The Washington 
Post, and he also did reviews for "Fast Forward," a science fiction 
program on cable television.
Mr. Mayhew was a Washington native who grew up in Riverdale and 
was a graduate of Bladensburg High School and the University of 
Maryland. He was a Greenbelt resident at his death.
Mr. Mayhew was an art director for several science fiction 
conventions and wrote short plays for those gatherings.
His memberships included the Washington Science Fiction Association.
Survivors include a brother, Bill Mayhew of Beltsville, and a sister, 
Frances Jordan of Riverdale.


MYRIAD, and Amateur Press Alliance (APA):
My contributions to Myriad:
Floobydust #31
Floobydust #32
Floobydust #33
Floobydust #34
Floobydust #35
Link to the Myriad Yahoo Club.

Atlanta Science Fiction Society (ASFS)

The Atlanta Science Fiction Society is a gathering of aficionados of the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres (in all media). ASFS meets the first Sunday of every month at 2:00 p.m.. Meetings consist of a formal business meeting, followed by a program item (guest speakers, videos, group discussion, etc.), each lasting approximately one hour. ASFS produces a club newsletter, containing local items of interest, reviews, artwork and news of upcoming events. Other activities include dinners, film premieres, and attending area conventions. Dues are $12.00 per year, to cover the cost of the newsletter, programs and activities. For more information, send e-mail to ASFS1@juno.com, or write to ASFS, P.O. Box 98308, Atlanta, GA 30359-2008.

Other Sci-Fi Items:

A site that combines Science with Science Fiction is a collection of Professor John G. Cramer's
Alternate View columns that have run in ANALOG magazine for many years.

I attended the 1996 World Science Fiction Convention, L.A.con III, in Anaheim, CA. Here is my con report.

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