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Updated 2014 September 4

Callsign WB4RTP
Before I moved to Tucson, AZ, I frequented the
NFARL 145.47 or the BSRG 146.655 MHz repeaters in Marietta, GA.
Now, I am a member of the
Catalina Radio Club in Tucson, AZ
I am also a member of the
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) organization.

My new project:a Tower Trailer.

For Field-Day logging, I have been using N1MM Logger.

I used to use the WR9R Field Day Logger software application.
I have created number of DOS batch files to ease the use of WR9Rís software and collected them in a ZIP archiveCLICK HERE††

I recently put up a Wellbrook receive-only small loop antenna, model ALA330S.
See my review of this antenna at eHam reviews by clicking HERE.

While the Wellbrook loop is receive only, there are a lot of Hams who have built transmit-capable small loops.A really great web page with advice and calculators for small transmitting loop antennas is on the site of AA5TB.

You can homebrew a butterfly capacitor for a small transmit loop using plates from Monarch Capacitors.

Here is a construction project for a Speaker to Headphone Adapter With Splitter.

Recently, I have written an article entitled The Closed Repeater Issue: A Remedy Proposal
Here are some links on this issue:
The Closed Repeater Issue
BSRG, an example of a repeater network that is NOT closed.
UPARC, another example of a repeater network that is NOT closed.
The Closed Repeater Coordination Society
Las Vegas Repeater Association - Closed Repeater Discussion

Here is a nifty code practice program called ZZCODE. Click the button to download ZZCODE.ZIP, which contains the source code, ZZCODE.BAS, and an MS-DOS compiled executable, ZZCODE.EXE. These files must be extracted from the ZZCODE.ZIP archive using PKUNZIP version 2.04g.

Also, look at my comments on the "ARRL-Recommended" power connector.

Electronics Engineering:
Digital, analog and RF circuit design.
I now work for
Raytheon Systems Company in Tucson, Arizona. Up until May of 1998, I worked for Electro Systems International.
I am not currently looking for employment opportunities, so headhunters please donít waste your time.

El Tour de Tucson APRS map, November 22, 2014.
This web map needs some filtering. On the upper right side are some icons, find the one for "filter", click to open the filter list. The box for "All stations" should be checked. One the right side of the items in this list is a red down arrow, click this arrow for the following items: Igates, Difipeaters, Station type: Weather, Station class: AIS ships. These should now be red items below "and not". Check the boxes for all of these items, and they will be excluded from the map removing unneeded clutter.

El Tour de Tucson APRS map, November 17, 2012:
Lead & Sweep Cars
All ETdT:Lead, Sweep, Sector Chiefs
Everyone in the neighborhood

Amateur Radio and Electronics Links:
Spread Spectrum Scene Online
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Home Page
Linx Technologies -- Online
Amateur Radio Council of Arizona
eHAM.net Home -- Ham radio on the NET

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