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Updated 2008 March 30

I am into computer gaming.CNET recently published a guide on how to Get Into Gaming.

I am in charge of LAN gaming for the annual SF convention in Tucson, Arizona, TusCon. For details, click on this link to TusLAN.

On July 26, 2003, I took some photos of the computer gaming area at HexaCon13 in Phoenix, Arizona. To see them CLICK HERE.

For LAN gaming in Tucson, I recommend Arena Gaming. This gaming center in North Central Tucson has about 24 PCs for rental use, plus gaming consoles.

When I installed the game, Star Wars: Battlefront, I had some annoying video problems.Read how I solved them HERE.

For gaming, I use a Belkin Nostromo SpeedPad n52. Read my review HERE.Get my customized profile files HERE

I have greatly enjoyed playing a flight simulation called "R/C Helicopter Indoor Flight Simulation" Read my review HERE.

I have felt disappointed by the helicopter simulation in the Desert Combat modification to the game, Battlefield 1942. Read my full article HERE.

 One of my favorite PC computer games is Hexen II, which has been around for a few years. The game engine is an improved version of Quake, almost but not quite Quake II, and the game is a heroic sword&sorcery fantasy. Closely related game titles are Heretic, Hexen and Heretic II. I find it to be a great game that provides a virtual-reality Dungeons & Dragons experience in a first-person-shooter computer game. Reviews and links may be found at GameSpot.com.
Click on this link for a review of
Hexen II
Click on this link for a review of the
Hexen II Mission Pack: Portal of Praevus
One common problem with Hexen II is that the screen can be too dark when using OpenGL. When using a 3Dfx Voodoo 1 accelerator card (and maybe later 3Dfx cards), there are some environment settings that will take care of this. I run Hexen II from a
batch file which invokes these settings. A console setting which might help if the settings donít is: "R_FULLBRIGHT 1". Finally, for my other computer with a nVidia GeForce accelerator, the best thing I found is the utility 3Deep: http://www.ecolor.com/. This works great, but the free demo uninstalls itself after 30 days, and the full version is $49.95.
UPDATE: The latest drivers from nVidia include a nice, simple, Gamma adjustment on the "Color Correction" page (Display Properties > Settings > Advanced > [your nVidia adapter] > Color Correction).
A good site with lots of drivers and utilities, some of which claim to provide gamma settings for dark games, is:
3DChipset - Ammo For The Gamer.
The only one on this site I have tried is UniTuner, which works well with my GeForce accellerator, but does not seem to have support for 3Dfx earlier than Voodoo5. It has a lot of features a capability beyond gamma controls, but the documentation is practically non-existent, so I am a little anxious about using it. But, it is free. Look for it on 3DChipsetís
utilities page.

Even older than Hexen II, I used to enjoy the original Castle Wolfenstein, followed by Spear of Destiny, Doom, Doom II and Hexen. Now, I find that these games have been updated to take advantage of recent 3D acceleration hardware. Here is one article:
Here is a web page with articles and files to download:

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What's In Your Box?News and forums for computer enthusiasts in Tucson, Arizona
Game Kraze in Tucson (SE corner, Speedway at Pantano) has about 20 PCs, but no BYOC.

Gaming Help for Computer Gaming through a WAN (Cable/DSL) Router or NAT.

Linksys Router Setup Guide is generally useful for most brands.

Other Computer Stuff:

Tucson Computer Society can be very helpful.

JoeyPAD- the personal computer for space colonists.

Handykey Ė chord keypad homepage.


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