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Updated 2014 June 21

Greetings, and welcome to my mind!

This page is intended to give visitors a flavor of my interests and activities. This is a content oriented web page. I hope you find it interesting.

FLEAMARKET: I have a few items for sale:
Subdivision lot near Las Vegas.

In mid-1998 I relocated to Tucson, Arizona, from the Atlanta, Georgia, area, so my activities in the state of Georgia will be declining, while I will start participating in activities in Tucson.

My interests include:

Science Fiction Fandom (Updated 2014 June 21)

Astronomy, Space & Science (Updated 2004-08-21)

Amateur Radio and Electronics (Updated 2014 June 21)

Libertarianism (Updated 2000 June 3)

Computers and Computer Gaming (Updated 2006 September 10)

My dear friend and fellow Science Fiction Fan, Joe Mayhew, passed away at 9AM on Saturday, June 11, 2000. He will be greatly missed. Although there is some uncertainty as to the diagnosis of the disease that took him, the latest indications are that it was CJD:
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Foundation, Inc.
Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page
BSE Information at UIUC
Also, look for Howard Lyman's book, The Mad Cowboy. Lyman was the co-defendant when Oprah was sued by the Texas Cattleman's Associtation for "food defamation".
For more information, click on the link to my Science Fiction Fandom page.

Some of my other favorite sites:

Gullibility Virus Spreading over the Internet!
Legends and Rumors Spreading over the Internet!
Urban Legends Spreading over the Internet!
Hoax Virus Warnings Sreading over the Internet!

Miscellaneous Interesting Links:
AM 750 WSB
Find out how to be moral and ethical without clerical assistance
Dr. Fiorella Terenzi's Galaxy Spot
InterLotto Georgia Lottery: Lotto (6/46) Home Page
Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau
Ship's Hatch: CIA logo stuff
Showbiz Calendar: 12/24/1998
The Ozone Gateway - Ozone & Air Purification - RADIO FREQUENCY IONIZATION
Towel Roll Instructions
FedEx | U.S. Home

My wife, Debbi Golden-Davis, works at the University of Arizona.

                            The Boulder Pledge
                Under no circumstances will I ever purchase 
                *anything* offered to me as the result of an
                unsolicited e-mail message.  Nor will I 
                forward chain letters, petitions, mass mailings,
                or virus warnings to large numbers of others.
                This is my contribution to the survival of 
                the online community.

You may contact me at (remove the obvious NOSPAM):

avery NOSPAM @mindspring.com

I use PGP! Click HERE to see my public key.